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Curacao Quad Tour

Curacao Quad Tour

On a Quad you wil follow a local island guide, in ‘caravan style’, to discover the rough and untouched wilderness of Curaçao. This tour takes you off the beaten track, allowing you to see Curaçao as not many people do.


quad-ostrich-farm-2You will be instructed on safety and handling the quad before you hit the gas. Leaving the farm you immediately go off road through a desert like area, passing St. Joris, and bringing you further into the rough and beautiful scenery. During the tour there will be stops at numerous places where you can take pictures of the landscape. After you’ve enjoyed all the beautiful views and excitement, you return to the farm.

Wear ‘off-road clothing’ and shoes, sunglasses en use protective sunscreen. You have to be in shape to join the tour. If you are suffering from back problems, your neck or joints it is advised not to take this tour.

You can choose to only take the Quad tour, but you can also buy a combination ticket, that includes lunch or dinner at the Zambezi restaurant.

Tickets for this tour are available upon your arrival at the souvenir shop or you can order them online.

Adults - $ 91.00
Kids (16yr / 18yr) - $ 63.00
Transport from and to your accommodation $ 20.00 extra per person. Call for a pick-up to +5999 7472777.
Adults - $ 112.50
Kids (16yr / 18yr) - $ 85.50
After the Quad tour you will have a great lunch in our Restaurant Zambezi.